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(SALE) CHERRY AK47 (sativa) ✬✬✬ {26% THC}


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(SALE) Cherry AK47 ✬✬✬ {25% THC}

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$90.00per 1 oz
Recreational users will find potency in this strain but don’t expect to trip and have wild epiphanies about your past life or something. Instead, enjoy the cerebral effects that help you focus and the body effects that help you relax. You may find a lack of a ceiling on the high. In another words, you can keep getting higher and higher, unlike other strains that plateau and more hits don’t equal more high. This effect may be due to the genetics or the ratio of cannabinoids in this strain. Medical users could choose this strain to alleviate mild or moderate conditions such as anxiety, stress, or depression. //31-05-2020 Batch\\


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